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Oct 20, 2014
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Oct 20, 2014
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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 6, 2014, 12:00 AM
Kinda a long journal/update here so please bear with me here,

In general I am incredibly sorry for my general lack of activity here on deviantART these past few months.
Work is rather draining and most days i just feel like an exhausted wreck. My sleeping scheduled has officially gone down the gurgler and I'm lucky if i get more than 3 hours sleep at night anymore. It's been getting to the point I'm going 4 or 5 days with pretty much no sleep before finally crashing for one night and the cycle starting over.
My wrist has also been bothering me, i may have hurt it through work a few months back and well sometimes it's painful or just very uncomfortable to draw... probably the main reason why i have hardly been drawing at all lately. I'm stuck in a creativity rut also, mostly frustrated with the lack of art being produced by myself and how much i just don't know how to draw. I'm rather unsatisfied with my art at the moment, for reasons i will not being going into a great amount of detail here.
The overall exhaustion has also been a reason why i have hardly been interacting like i used to. I'm just very tired... and I'm honestly not sure where I'm going to go from here. There are changes i need to make in my lifestyle.... just at the point i have no idea anymore.

Also to be honest i don't use deviantART much these days. I personally feel (yes here comes the opinion) that the site has gone downhill since i joined up 5 years ago, and this new website layout.... i despise it. I would like the old deviantART back. And i'm not just talking about the layout - the way the community used to be back then. Back when there was real art and not when the front page was nearly all tits and ass ... Not to mention the outrages amount of trolls and art thieves that have popped up as well.... its ridiculous.

I've also got an announcement. or a few, though hopefully the last two wont be a massive surprise.

I am stepping away from 'dragon art'. YES I will still draw them but they will become a rarity here on deviantART.  Honestly... i am sick and tired of dragons this and Dragons that. Yeah it's been a good run these past few years but i want something more.... than dragons. Shit there is so much i want to be able to draw. But It seems to be the only thing people focus on in my work and it's rather.... well crushing. Really kills the motivation to move forward and try new things.  I don't want to get stuck in that rut i see many artists in that people only want to see one thing from someone and everything else be damned. If you're here for just the dragons well prepare to be disappointed. Because from now on i will be drawing what makes me happy and for myself.
If you want to be kept up to date with ALL my art then i suggest you wander over to Tumblr because i will be posting all my art over there now.

As for my headworld - Rae. I have had a few questions about if I'll be writing anything. So I'll answer this right now.

Hell yes.


It probably wont be for another few years. There is so much i have to plan, sort out.... every little detail. And unfortunately very little will be on deviantART.
"Why?" you might ask. Well... this story is not going to be deviantART friendly. I will share some pieces here and there (mostly on artwork) but i am going to take a guess now that a majority of it will be kept on Tumblr or another site. We'll just have to wait and see.

Art trades, gift art and meme things

Not sure i can believe that i have to say this again but i only do art trades with friends or people near/at the same level of skill as myself. My main reason is i have been screwed over so many times in the past i just can't deal with it anymore. I don't mean to sound like an asshat saying this but i am picky and i do have standards.  I also have very little time for trades for these days so if i do take them i am going to make a beeline for the most promising and rewarding option that is worth the time that both of us will put in. 
Gift art is random and generally for my friends. Self explanatory really.

And these meme/journal tagging things.

Please for the love of god.... don't tag me for them. I really don't like doing them ( i have an exception for character art ones), especially if it's personal whatnots. I'm just not a fan of these in anyway.
So please don't tag me.

That's really it for now, i'm not sure if there's anything else i need to add in at the moment.

Hope you peeps are well

~ Chimera

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Teen from NZ Interested in art, games and music. I hope to become a illustrator/concept artist in time. I More or less fave and run when it comes to watches and faves :XD:
I'm not used to constant contact with people other than my best buddies, so i wont always reply to comments. I am always willing to help out with anything art related though.

:heart: :iconnoctem-tenebris::icondelusionalpuffball::iconhollymmoore::iconninzz-minigoth::iconshadowhellfire::iconweaslrocks::iconseimei-roo: :heart:


i will be using picarto/twitch from now on for all art/game related livestreams 

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Lack of sleep and overwork, been there. I was going on about 3 hours of sleep a night or less for years, working over 100 hours a week in multiple jobs. Scary when a friend of my father came around and thought that I was my dad's 'older brother' !

I think your art is very nice anyway. Create whatever expresses your feelings, possibly expressing a lot of frustration. There is always going to be somebody who likes it anyway on the internet.
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